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Corona-basierter Rassismus

28.2.2020 21:01

Neues von den Unis.

But as concern spreads, so has another phenomenon, one that some say may pose a greater threat to campuses than the disease itself: increased reports of discrimination and hostility toward Chinese, Chinese American and other Asian students.

And in some cases, such as at Barnard, students worry that the schools themselves may have had a hand in fueling it.

“The proliferation of anti-Asian images and comments, in association with fears over coronavirus, show that while colleges and universities are sites of learning, they are also places where misinformation and racism can spread all too quickly,” said Janelle Wong, a professor of Asian American studies at the University of Maryland.

In an email, Margaret Fung, executive director of the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund, said she was concerned by reports that Asian Americans had faced racist remarks and quarantines not prompted by any evidence of exposure to the virus.

War ja klar, dass das erste, was denen wieder einfällt, die Beschwerde darüber ist, dass irgendwer diskriminiert wird.

Das wird ganz schrecklich, wenn die mal herausfinden, dass es in der Elektronik Diskriminator-Schaltungen gibt.

Wäre auch eine Foltermethode. Auch gut für Zimmer 101. Große leere Kiste und „Diskriminator” draufschreiben. Da kommst Du rein, wenn Du nicht machst, was wir wollen.