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Die Zerstörung von Big Tech durch linke Demoralisierung und Feminismus

14.1.2022 18:54

Da werden gerade Konzerne in kürzester Zeit zerstört.

Ein Leser hat mich gerade auf einen Twitter-Thread hingewiesen, der ihn direkt daran erinnerte, wie ich beschrieben hatte, warum ich jahrelang in einem Konzern war und Spaß hatte, und ich da dann die Schnauze voll hatte, als das innerhalb kurzer Zeit zur Gender-Klapsmühle wurde und man systematisch den Krieg gegen „alte weiße Männer“ anfing, obwohl man genau wusste, dass die IT-Fabrik des Konzerns fast nur aus solchen alten weißen Männern besteht, die da die Arbeit machen. Man regte sich fürchterlich auf, dass der der Bereich so männlich wäre und einen Altersdurchschnitt von 55 habe. (Ich bin 55. Dass andere Bereiche einen Frauenanteil von 100% haben, stört dagegen nicht.) Reihenweise Führungspositionen mit Frauen besetzt, aber es kam nichts. Parolen wie „Black Lives Matter“. Ich habe mal eine miterlebt, die hat als frauengeförderte Produktmanagerin so ziemlich alles durcheinander gebracht und gegen die Wand gefahren hat, nur noch Chaos verursacht, und als es dann irgendwann nicht mehr zu verdecken war, dann notschwanger wurde und sich in Mutterschaft verkrümelte, damit’s die Männer dann aufräumen.

Noch etwas derber berichtet das jemand aus einem ungenannten, aber angeblich bekannten großen Unternehmen in vielen Tweets. Hier der erste, anklicken und die Folgetweets lesen:

Besonders drollig fand ich folgende Aussagen:

Often meetings start with going around the room to ask “How is everyone feeling?”

Literally everyone else went on sad rants about their lives. “I’m so MAD a white supremacist shot 3 black men in Kenosha!”

It’s toxic. When it got to me, I said “Good.” and then a (((lady engineer))) literally proposed that we should not be allowed to answer the question positively. I shit you not.

I think it hurt her that I wasn’t as miserable as her.

She made some argument about “vulnerability”. These people not only want you weak, they want you to expose your vulnerabilities to them so they can exploit them.


Everyone is demoralized. […]

The Great Resignation is real. Many employees are leaving for better jobs. Remote work has (so far) resulted in more job opportunities for those working in Big Tech, especially outside of Silicon Valley.

And so we backfill those positions, or hire new people, all remote. […]

We now have employees who have nearly 2 years of tenure who have never met another employee in person, and lives alone in some city away from where the office was.

The churn in jobs also has the major effect of constantly dealing with the overhead of re-assinging projects from people leaving, and onboarding new people.

The new employees don’t get enough attention to succeed.

And the employees that stay end up with a load of work dumped by the former coworkers, plus the responsibility of onboarding the new ones.

There are many software engineers who’ve not written a single line of code in the past year.

We hired a new employee and I pinged them at 1pm to see if they’d join a meeting. They came 10 minutes later. Said they slept in because they didn’t have anything to work on.


It’s utterly surreal to watch the deterioration. To see how quickly an organization can crumble.

And I’m not productive either. I’m constantly bombarded with anti-white, anti-male, woke propaganda.

We’ve even had explicit discussions of assigning less work to URMs (under-represented minorities), because “life is really hard for them right now.” This suggestion was from a lesbian white woman with cats.

As productive as one person can be, you can’t add value when constantly thwarted. Nobody in IT doing tickets anymore to provision things for you large bureaucracy to gatekeep any actions (needs review by X number of committees including now DEI committees).


We had a woman who worked for us who was just awful at her job. Could not understand instructions at all. Could not do the job. Barely spoke English.

She wasn’t just not productive, she actually dragged the team down.

I worked with my Director to finally get her fired after failing her Performance Improvement Program (PIP).

HR told us they can’t fire her because she’s Asian and female and in California, that it’s just simply too hard.

This was over 5 years ago.


Going to add a few more examples.

Our director hired a manager, female minority. He said “She’s not qualified but she checks the boxes.”

The first order effect is that this is not good for her or her direct reports, but it gets worse.

She drove 2 high performing engineers straight out of the company. Totally demoralized a third.

Engineers who were able to switched managers, which overloaded the other managers.

Since she had so few direct reports, all new employees were assigned to her and had an awful first experience with the company. Most left soon after.

Instead of firing her (obvious answer), she was moved to another group, where she had the same effect.

She’s still here years later, wreaking havoc.

Don’t hire unqualified people because of race and gender!

Was man dann halt so macht:

Things my coworkers spend an enormous amount of their day on:
– Coming up with a “clever” new Zoom background each day (something Harry Potter or Star Wars like children)
– Clever Slack emojis
– Reddit style responses in threads (“First!) and other low brow irony for the lulz.

Er wollte schon weg von der Firma, geht aber nicht:

I’ve interviewed many times wanting to leave, but every comparable company how has a “Diversity Panel” interview, which is just a matter of gatekeeping ideological purity at these companies.

They ask questions like: “Why is diversity important to you?” and “What have you done to increase diversity at your company?”

In one interview, they re-asked me 3 times because they weren’t satisfied that I was ideologically pure enough.

I value diversity of experience, they were wanting me as a white man to apologize for my sin of being born

Das kommt mir nicht nur selbst sehr bekannt vor, es antworten ihm ja auch viele, dass das bei ihnen oder überall so sei. Es wird gerade flächendeckend alles zerstört – und es wird durch Frauen zerstört. Gute 6000 Jahre lang haben Zivilisation und Technik sich nach vorne bewegt, lief der Laden, und dann kam der Feminismus, und in 10, 20 Jahren haben sie alles kaputt gemacht.

Wie in diesem alten Bildwitz:

Heute würde die DDR keine Mauer mehr hinkriegen.

Es wird zu einer massiven Abwanderung der Industrie in feminismusfreie Länder kommen.