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China entgendert sich wieder

16.1.2017 21:35

Da haben welche gemerkt, dass es nicht funktioniert.

NBCNews behauptet, dass China darunter leidet, weil die Jungs jetzt verweibliche Waschlappen sind und die Mädchen immer jungenartiger werden, es keine Unterschiede mehr gibt. Deshalb fordern da inzwischen welche, Männlichkeitskurse für Jungen anzubieten:

China’s education system may also have played a role in bringing about the current state of affairs, with some commentators blaming an acute shortage of male teachers in the country, depriving young boys of male role models. Four out of five teaching positions in urban areas of China are held by women.

According to Tiantian Zheng, a professor of anthropology at State University of New York at Cortland, the issue of “masculinity” and the upbringing of boys is being treated as a priority at state level educational policy.

Measures that could result from this include “the establishment of all boys’ middle schools, the textbook you cited [‘Little Men’], experts’ psychology clinics and media discourse,” she told NBC News.

In a study published last year, Zheng observed that Chinese experts have called for stronger “gender-difference education,” arguing that “the crisis of masculinity in effeminate men is considered a peril to the security of the nation because it reflects powerlessness, inferiority, feminized passivity, and social deterioration reminiscent of the colonial past when China was defeated by the colonizing West.”

Chinese media has portrayed the “lack of manhood not only as a public menace and a threat to the family, but also as a metaphor for passive masculinity and national crisis,” she wrote. Distinctive gender roles and strong manhood were considered “crucial in safeguarding the security of the nation,” she noted.

Die weibliche Mehrheit bei Lehrern scheint ernomen Schaden anzurichten.