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Amerika nach links weggekippt

30.8.2021 14:22

Das war es dann mit der westlichen Gesellschaft.

Der britische Telegraph (hinter Paywall, aber mit reinen Textbrowsern geht’s) hat ein Interview mit Bari Weiss, das ist die amerikanische Journalistin, die letztes Jahr mit einem furiosen Abschiedsbrief bei der New York Times hingeworfen hatte: ‘The far Left have won and taken over America’s elite institutions – we need to start again’

Weiss stresses that the battle will be long. When her friends complain to her in secret that there isn’t “a single university left where I would send my child”, she asks: “what are you going to do to fix it? Are you going to keep your mouth shut and just shove them off to the prep school circuit that will ultimately get them into Yale, where they’re going to be surrounded by this world-view that you say you hate?”.

Weiss has no children yet, but if she does: “I don’t want my child to go to Yale or Harvard”. Should they shun university altogether she’d be “thrilled… I have never felt further removed in my life from the pedigreed, prestigious, elitist universe. I think it is actively damaging the country.”

Weiss says that too many people still seem content to label the woke Left a lunatic fringe, or simply call for a return to “classical liberalism”. But yodelling for a liberal consensus – just the sort of thing my friends and I do in north London kitchens – is “insufficient for the present moment… you need to understand how that failed and how that failed so many people,” she says. Failure to do so is what got Trump elected, and has allowed extremes on both sides to balloon.

Die USA gehen nicht kaputt.

Die USA sind kaputt.

Und der komische Abzug aus Afghanistan ist vielleicht erst der Anfang der Implosion. Denn bei Afghanistan wird es nicht bleiben, mit Kalifornien wird es genauso laufen.

Und wer hätte gedacht, dass „Escape from New York“ / Die Klapperschlange mal eine realitätsnahe Dokumentation werden würde?