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Rowan Atkinson

16.2.2021 13:45

Es gibt auch noch Schauspieler, die Eier haben.[Update]

‘Mr. Bean’ actor Rowan Atkinson compares cancel culture to ‘medieval mob looking for someone to burn’

British actor and comedian Rowan Atkinson has become the latest celebrity to criticize so-called cancel culture.

During an extensive interview with Radio Times, Atkinson, who is best known for his satirical “Mr. Bean” character, said cancel culture was eroding freedom of speech and made him fearful for the future.

“It’s important that we’re exposed to a wide spectrum of opinion, but what we have now is the digital equivalent of the medieval mob roaming the streets looking for someone to burn,” he said. “So it is scary for anyone who’s a victim of that mob, and it fills me with fear about the future.”[…]

“The problem we have online is that an algorithm decides what we want to see, which ends up creating a simplistic, binary view of society,” he said. “It becomes a case of either you’re with us or against us. And if you’re against us, you deserve to be canceled”

Atkinson has in the past campaigned to protect the public’s right to free speech and spent many years campaigning against legislation that made it an offense in the UK to incite religious hatred. During a 2012 video, he said that people must have the “right to insult or offend.”

Warum haben die solche Leute und wir nicht?

Warum haben wir hier auf der Bühne nur weinerliche Arschkriecher, die das Maul nur dann aufkriegen, wenn es opportun erscheint und sie den Mainstream hinter sich glauben?

Update: Ein Leser schreibt mir, warum Atkinson die Eier in der Hose und den Verstand im Kopf hat (und nicht umgekehrt): Der hat vorher was vernünftiges gelernt. Der Mann ist von Beruf Elektroingenieur.