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25.8.2020 13:44


Also die hier meinen, die Video-Nummer mit Strache, über die ich schon einiges geschrieben habe, wäre der „Biggest Scandal in Europe since WW II”

Da würden mir jetzt noch ein paar andere einfallen, aber ein großes Ding wäre das schon.

On May 17, five days before the EU elections, six selectively edited minutes of the video were released by Süddeutsche newspaper and Spiegel magazine, seeming to indict Strache and Gudenus of offering kickbacks to the Russian “oligarch’s niece” in return for gaining control of the leading Austrian tabloid. In the ensuing scandal, the government collapsed, Strache’s and Gudenus’ political careers seemed over. In snap elections Sept. 2019, the Freedom Party lost their junior coalition spot in the government to the tiny Green Party, which rules Austria with Kurz’s People’s Party now.

Strache and Gudenus have consistently denied any wrongdoing and maintained they insisted any arrangements would have to be legal and on the level. Now, transcripts newly released by Austrian prosecutors seem to confirm that version of the story.

Die Frage, ob man da eine migrationskritische Regierung aus Deutschland heraus plattgemacht hat, hatte ich ja schon gestellt. Die sehen hier aber noch eine anderen Zusamenhang:

These passages, which would seem to completely exonerate Strache and Gudenus, were apparently deliberately omitted from the video released by German news outlets Süddeutsche Zeitung and Spiegel. Süddeutsche journalists Frederik Obermaier and Bastian Obermayer are members of the “International Consortium of Investigative Journalists” (ICIJ), which is one-third funded by George Soros’ Open Society. Austrian Journalist Florian Klenk, who broke the story in left-wing Austrian Falter, also worked for ICIJ in 2016.

Spiegel journalist Maik Baumgärtner broke a story in September 2019 relying on info by Soros-linked “investigative portal” Bellingcat claiming US secret agencies had identified the killer of a Chechen terrorist in Berlin, to which then-US ambassador Richard Grenell tweeted, “I thought you had fact checkers? Shame on Spiegel – again – for making up stories about the US. You didn’t even call us to ask about this claim.” While US ambassador in Berlin, Grenell repeatedly criticized left-wing Der Spiegel for its anti-American bias, as Gateway Pundit reported.

Eine hochinteressante Frage, ob der Hauptakteur hier die deutsche Presse, Geheimdienste oder Soros war, der eine ihm nicht passende Regierung sabotiert hat.

Egal wie, man sollte der Presse nichts mehr glauben. Bis neulich gaben die sowas ja noch als „Fakten” aus.