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Die Staatsanwältin Aramis Ayala und George Soros

5.8.2020 19:29

Ach, guck mal an.

Kaum hatte ich den Artikel geschrieben, schreibt mir einer, dass die Dame von George Soros installiert worden sei:

A political action committee associated with George Soros has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on television commercials and other advertising to get Aramis Ayala elected state attorney in the Orlando-based 9th Judicial Circuit.

Florida Safety & Justice, which shares the “Safety & Justice” name and its chairwoman, Whitney Tymas, with other Soros-funded political committees, has made the TV purchases on several Orlando television stations and cable outlets.

Na, das ist ja ein Ding.

Soros installiert da seine Staatsanwälte, indem er ihnen die Kosten für die Wahlwerbung bezahlt.

Und warum?

Ayala is trying to unseat incumbent State Attorney Jeff Ashton. Both are Democrats, so the showdown will be the Aug. 30 primary. It will be voted on only by Democrats because a political critic of Ashton, former Assistant State Attorney Bill Voss, has filed to be a write-in candidate, closing the primary to non-Democrats and creating a November election that is not expected to take place.

Ayala, a former assistant state attorney under Ashton, is African-American, and would be the first black state attorney in Florida’s known history if she wins election.

Florida records show that Florida Safety & Justice was organized in Florida Aug. 3, with Tymas as chairwoman and a Washington, D.C. address. There have been no financial reports filed yet.

Soros’ other Safety & Justice committees, also are reportedly backing African-American candidates in prosecuting attorney elections. A 527 committee called Safety & Justice has received $633,000 from Soros Fund Management to support an African-American in a Houston district attorney’s race, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. Other PACs called Safety & Justice also have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on prosecutors’ races in Chicago, St. Louis, New Mexico and Louisiana, according to local press reports, though federal records are not yet available.

Der manipuliert da in großem Umfang die Wahlen, indem er für seine Leute den Wahlkampf finanziert.