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COVID-19 mutiert – zu aggressiverer Variante

5.3.2020 1:47

Es gibt zwei unterschiedlich aggressive Typen. Welchen haben wir?

As the global coronavirus crisis worsens, a group of Chinese scientists have found that the deadly disease has evolved into two strains that are responsible for the global outbreak.

In a new study published in the National Science Review, researchers suggested that after COVID-19 crossed into humans, the original strain evolved into a second type and both of these are now circulating. […]

The scientists analysed 103 coronavirus genomes and identified mutations in 149 sites across the strains. They found that one type, which they called the “L” type, was more aggressive than the other – accounting for 70 per cent of the cases they analysed.

The less aggressive strain, identified as “S”, appeared to be the ancestor of the more prevalent one. While strain “L” was found to have a higher presence when the outbreak first began in Wuhan, it started to subside in early January, as the “S” type has now increased.

The study suggested that this could be due to the rush to treat patients infected with the “L” strain, whose symptoms are easier to detect.