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Manson said the trip was an all-out effort to see the country.

10.5.2019 0:28

Über das Reisen und andere Themen.

Was haltet Ihr davon?

“Last year I was in New Zealand, and I really enjoyed it”,” she said.

“It’s not fair to the women of the world, but at least you get to go on some fun holiday with your friends ”, but it can be scary sometimes in New Zealand.”

She added: “So as soon as I was done with the tour and going home to my family I couldn’t wait to have a few fun drinks at a pub.

“I love this country and I love my friends so I’ve always wanted to go to New Zealand, and to be honest with you, I definitely wouldn’t have thought if it was going to be something that I would live with as part of my life.

“I really couldn’t wait to try it out because I was totally overwhelmed by the experience and I wanted to try any idea out.”

Manson said the trip was an all-out effort to see the country.

She said: “It’s really special and so inspiring to me.

“I really want to make sure people see that

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“Germany had been one of the leading manufacturer of diesel engine cars.”

On January 6, 1941, German-Jewish refugees in the U.S. were forced to flee to Germany, while hundreds died.”

In December 1942, a series of bombings took out several factories in the U.S. and the nation was attacked during World War II.” During those months, a number of refugees began moving to Canada.”


Today it was raining in the afternoon, but not in the evening.

The street was already dark.

In that case, the street would get quiet.

‘I can’t let you kill me.’

Loudness filled the underground.

I saw his head that turned pale.

I heard the noise of gunshots.

I looked to him.

My eyes saw him shaking.

In his hand was a sword.

I realized with fright.

The bloodstained blade was from the dagger that I drew during those time I had killed him.

He had pulled it out and was holding a knife to my neck while shouting at me.

At this moment, the wind carried by the rain rushed towards his face. I turned my head in an instant to cover my mouth and face.

The bullet that I had drawn had pierced his ear from above.

“Oi! Go away!”

My ears were blown off by the thundering noise, but I managed to block the wave of the rain.

As expected, it was me that had the most impact with this thing.

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There will be european elections this month, and many people believe it’s a decision about europe’s fate.

The other issue of note is that it seems like the EU is preparing for civil war. Even at this moment, the EU is still working to deal with the fallout of Brexit and the upcoming presidential campaign in Germany.


Irgendwas aufgefallen?

Ich habe immer nur den ersten Satz geschrieben. Der Rest der Texte wurde auf von einem KI-System dazuphantasiert.

Schöne neue Welt. So werden demnächst Zeitungen geschrieben.