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The rise of the ‘Intellectual Dark Web’

22.1.2018 23:29

Interessante Beobachtung:

Da schreibt einer, dass sich eine gewisse Art Intellektueller aus den Universitäten heraus und in die Öffentlichkeiten begibt, um dort ihre Ideen und Sichtweisen zu verbreiten, was an den Universitäten nicht mehr geht.

For several public intellectuals and pundits, as part of a new digital network of podcasts and talk shows, the ‘safe space’ for dialogue is not in the universities or mainstream news media outlets but online. […]

A veritable Mos Eisley cantina of disaffected leftists, conservatives and liberals are found here conducting their own political discourse. Creating their own podcasts and crowd-funding with supporters through tools like Patreon, these thinkers are subject to no authority but themselves.

Redet der gerade von meinem Blog?

Nein. Er hat es von Jordan Peterson, aber es hört sich doch so an.

What the conglomeration of these incisive, radical and oft-controversial thinkers on the Intellectual Dark Web represents is not yet clear but what is certain is that it reflects much more on the decaying health of our wider societal discourse. Only time will tell if, in strange and perilous waters radical dialogue presents the antidote.