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Feministisches Linux: Toleranux

18.11.2015 23:53

Uuuuuuh. Die feministische The Feminist Software Foundation: mistress hat umfangreiche feministische Patches für den Linux-Kernel eingereicht, unter anderem die Umbenennung von Linux in Toleranux.

Aufmerksame Leser haben mich heute auf diese Patches hingewiesen, mit denen die Feminist Software Foundation feministische Änderungen am Linux-Kernel begehrt. Die Patches haben’s in sich.

Fängt schon bei .gitignore an, was alles nicht rein darf

+# Object files are clearly a thinly veiled reference to female objectification

+# Mansplaining will not be tolerated

+# "Science", or "scientia", is the right-wing lie that we can approach "Truth"
+# via perceiving the world through our culturally-tinted, inherently-bigoted,
+# socially-constructed, and Patriarchally-funded eyes


Im Readme schmeißen sie dann Linus Thorvalds raus:

+A project of the Feminist Software Foundation. Feminist software is a cornerstone of any modern free society. We build this foundation.
+> *"A Linux without Linus Torvalds is a better community. A more independent and self-determinate community. A more welcoming community." — @shanley on Twitter*

Und was Toleranux überhaupt ist, erklären sie auch:

+**ToleranUX** (like UNIX, but with more Toblerone and Tolerance) is the world's first [UNIX-like]( operating system kernel that adheres to the 21st Century modern tenets of Equality, Inclusiveness, and Tolerance.  **ToleranUX** is created to revolutionise the [Toxic Meritocracy]( that permeates the [FLOSS (Free, Libre, and Open Source Software)]( world that has proved itself to be the crux of divisiveness, the cause of the gender imbalance in IT, and the bane of True Equality.
+As did [GitHub remove the problematic "Meritocracy" rug from their office](, so now do we literally *pull the rug* from under the tyrannical and Patriarchal feet of Linus Torvalds.  In light of the continued reign of [Linus Torvalds]( as the immature, unprofessional, quick-to-anger, non-inclusive, white, cisgendered and male project ~~leader~~ dictator of the (in)famous [Linux kernel](, the Feminist Software Foundation has forked where no feminist has forked and **reclaimed** the software bits to **all people**.
+**This is the world's first operating system kernel by FEMINISTS, for FEMINISTS.  Women and gay men with internalised misogyny/homophobia who are here to concern troll and [sealion]( are not welcome.**

Eine besondere Perle möchte ich besonders herausstellen:

### How to contribute

Absolutely no coding experience is necessary: all code are equal in the eyes of the Feminist Software Foundation. There is no objective way to determine whether one person’s code is better than another’s. In light of this fact, all submitted code will be equally accepted. However, marginalized groups, such as wom*n and trans* will be given priority in order to make up for past discrimination. Simply submit a pull request for any submission, whether code, artwork, or even irrelevant bits — nothing is irrelevant in the grand struggle for a Truly Tolerant UNIX-ike Kernel!

Und auch die Unix-Philosophy wird umgeschrieben:

The ToleranUX Philosophy

The [traditional UNIX Philosophy]( has long been the root of [male chauvinism]( in the world of UNIX-like kernel development (and the subsequent, wider world of UNIX software in general). In light of that, the Feminist Software Foundation has undertaken to rewrite the UNIX Philosophy such that it will allow and promote a feminist [safe space]( for minority programmers.

The traditional UNIX Philosophy is included for reference as follows:

1. [Small is beautiful.](
2. [Make each program do one thing well.](
3. [Build a prototype as soon as possible.](
4. [Choose portability over efficiency.](
5. [Store data in flat text files.](
6. [Use software leverage to your advantage.](
7. [Use shell scripts to increase leverage and portability.](
8. [Avoid captive user interfaces.](
9. [Make every program a filter.](

To eradicate the inherent root of Toxic Bigotry in the UNIX Philosophy, the ToleranUX Philosophy is proposed as such:

1. **Large is beautiful.** Small programs benefit from small privilege, but are no better than large programs. We need more large programs to make up for this. **Unused RAM is wasted RAM** — if a single `ls` doesn’t use up at least 50% of installed RAM then it is condoning the toxic culture of fat shaming.

2. **Allow each program to do whatever it chooses to.** The tyranny of the user will not stand.

3. Rushing a prototype privileges the traditional masculine trait of focusing on a single issue; instead, the planning and mockup stage should be paramount to address the visual and spatial draws of feminine coding. **The modern age is a UX age, and designers should be paid more than coders.**

4. **Choose inclusiveness over meritocracy.** The judgement of merit is entirely subjective, so the ideal software project (which **ToleranUX** aspires to be one) should be inclusive to all commits and contributors.

5. **Store data in text files which implement a curvy-brackets syntax**; the fetishisation of “flat files” betrays the inherent unrealistic sexual fantasy that [male brogrammers]( hold.

6. Software should never be “used” to anybody’s “advantage”; instead, **the consent of software must be asked first**. Suggesting that any program should ever be “used” is the epitome of creepiness.

7. Use Shell Suggestions (“scripts” is forcing minorities to succumb to oppression and thus violates the safespace) to **increase equality and inclusiveness**.

8. Avoid oppressive and difficult interfaces designed for white, cis-gendered males. The keyboard is obsolete and so is [the CLI]( **A touchscreen interface is the future** — an interface which does not have the [ableist barriers]( against Persons of No Touch Typing Ability (PoNTTA).

9. Filter programs according to the [**progressive stack**](

Und auch mit Kritik an Kryptographie wird nicht gespart:

### Crypto

Cryptography has several inherent problems:

1. It implies that there is no trust within **ToleranUX**, or without it — as **ToleranUX** is a *safe space*, it is unnecessary.

2. Cryptography privileges conceptual and abstract logic over *creative expression*, and as such is a field dominated by white males who use it to hide their blatant sexploitation of womyn.

3. Cryptography is discriminatory by allowing men to pick and choose who gets to see their data.

4. Cryptography is unnecessary in the modern world, where we can trust government agencies such as the National Security Agencies to keep our information private. Why do you need cryptography? You don’t have anything to hide, do you? You’re not secretly a pedophile, right? Nothing to fear, nothing to hide.

In light of all of the above, crypto is currently banned from **ToleranUX** if you are a male user. All sources of entropy now send only zeroes as their output in beautiful yonic pride. The government is here to protect you, and [there should be no “means of communication” which they “cannot read”](

For female users, a limited form of cryptography is allowed as defence against the Patriarchy. We encourage all female users to distribute their private keys instead of public. This is to allow for the most inclusive environment possible. Many People Of Color and Womyn have had their identities taken from them and replaced by whatever white men wanted them to use. We think that allowing everyone to assume each others identities will be a great first step in the healing and reparations for these vile acts.

Man sollte jetzt allerdings nicht glauben, dass die nur schwafeln, es gibt auch Code:

# rs : request search
#      Kindly and politely request inode information from a file system
#      Note: rs has every right to deny you information of the file system.
#            When the filesystem feels threatened by cisgendered white males
#            like yourself, it may even provide inaccurate information in self-defense.
#            You are not entitled to the data in the first place. To think otherwise
#            should warrant a firm privilege check and attendance of at least
#            two (but not more than) five sensitivity training seminars.
# written as part of the ToleranUX coreutils project

faketype () {
	type="`shuf -en 1 'd ' 'l '`" 
	echo -n $type

fakeperms () {
	perms="`shuf -en 1 \
		'rw-rw-rw- ' \
		'rwxr--r-- ' \
		'r--r--r-- ' \
		'rwxr-xr-x ' \
		'rwxrwxr-x ' \
		'rwxrwxrwx '`"
	echo -n "$perms"

fakelinks () {
	range=10 # upper range for random number of links
	((linknum %= range))
	echo -n "$linknum "



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20.11.2015 10:21

Feministisches Linux

Jetzt, wo ich zum ersten Mal in meinem Leben ein Linux installiert habe, passiert das hier: Linux soll feministisch werden. Ohne Verschlüsselung, ohne möglichst schlanken Code (wg. Fatshaming!!) und mit vielen anderen komischen Sachen. Ich glaube