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Diversity – Warum nichts mehr funktioniert

3.6.2023 13:52

Am Beispiel Boeing.

Zum Blogartikel darüber, dass die „Diversität“ praktisch nur Nachteile und Schaden bringt, macht mich ein Leser auf einen aktuellen Aktikel darüber aufmerksam, warum der Flugzeughersteller Boeing keine ordentlichen Projekte mehr hinbekommt: Diversity is Why Nothing Works Anymore

A former Boeing engineer explains why Boeing can’t build quality aerospace projects anymore.

Once upon a time Boeing had an excellent reputation for quality and performance on contracts. Then the big aerospace layoffs hit – they absorbed MacDonald Douglas and adopted their crappy penny pinching management. That’s when the big layoffs hit as well – but there was one other thing that happened then. I was working at Boeing and one day we were called into a “all hands” meeting of the engineers by management. We were told to look around the room – virtually everyone there was white males. Then we were told that very soon only 15 percent of the engineering staff was going to be white males in the near future. This was around the mid 90s and shows DEI was already being adopted by some corporations. Because I had specialist knowledge, after I was laid off I was soon recalled and “What do you know?”(tm) I was the only white male in the team – which worked out to 15 percent. I retired a few years later but I can’t help but wonder if the reason Boeing now sucks is they went down the DEI rabbit hole.

Equalitarianism is antithetical to quality. And diversity means convergence, which indicates the eventual inability to perform the organization’s primary tasks.

The USA is no longer the USA of 1980 or 1950, much less 1920. Adjust your expectations accordingly. Because both Russia and China lack diversity relative to the USA, they now possess all the advantages of having a smarter and more capable work force that the USA did prior to 1965.

(DEI = Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion)

Wenn alle gleich viel wert sind, dann bestimmt der wertloseste den Wert.