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Decolonize STEM! – White Man’s Computer Science

27.12.2020 16:48

Konzept Verblödung.

(STEM = englisch für MINT-Fächer, Mathe, Informatik, Naturwissenschaften, Technik)

Wäre ich damals Informatik-Professor geworden, würde ich heute wohl als Fach nicht mehr „Informatik”, sodern „White Man’s Computer Science” lehren und dazu erklären, dass ich meine Privilegien geprüft und meine Schuld als Kolonialist erkannt habe, und aus Konsequenz die „White Man’s Computer Science” – ich kann leider keine andere – nur noch nachweislich weißen Studenten lehren würde, um jeglichen Verdacht weiterer Kolonialisierung oder Unterdrückung zu vermeiden. Per Video von unbekanntem Ort aus.

Netter Artikel übrigens, zu dem der Tweet gehört: A Student Mob Took Over Bryn Mawr. The College Said Thank You

As the parent of a Bryn Mawr student (and the parent of a Bryn Mawr alumna), I found this profoundly unsettling. I kept expecting that, at some point, the administration would take decisive steps to restore order on campus (where, as at Haverford, in-person learning was supposed to be occurring, under COVID-19 testing and social-distancing protocols). But that never happened. Instead, a small group of largely unidentified students effectively shut down the campus—not because their views attracted majority support (only about a quarter of the student body seemed to really be on board, from what I could tell), but because the administration simply never pushed back.

I am not naïve about the ideological climate on campuses, having read about similar meltdowns at institutions such as Evergreen State College in Washington. But now it was happening at my daughter’s school. And the same electronic videoconferencing tools that allowed remote students to participate in college life gave me a front-row seat on the disintegration of Bryn Mawr’s civil society. I saw strike organizers publicly mocking and berating white students based on their skin color, followed by cringeworthy scenes of university officials desperately seeking to appease those same organizers.

This is a feminist women’s college, where one might think that administrators would be educated about the need to reject coercion, intimidation, and brute force as negotiating tactics.

Das ist übrigens der linke Sumpf, aus dem man auch unsere Bundesverfassungsrichter rekrutiert.