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Der Kirchenchor von Sheffield wurde aufgelöst

24.7.2020 18:49

Die Sheffield Cathedral meint,

dass sich die Bevölkerung der Stadt geändert habe und sie deshalb jetzt irgendwas „Diverses” brauchen um die alle zu erreichen.

Peter Bradley, the cathedral’s dean, said: “The city is changing pretty quickly and we feel cathedral music needs to have a wider reach. We want to be more ambitious, and that means engaging with a wider group of children and reaching parts of the city we haven’t reached before.”

In future, there may be more than one choir drawn from larger numbers of children and university students, he said.

The population of Sheffield and the surrounding area is growing, getting younger and becoming more diverse, and in recent years, the cathedral had welcomed refugees and supported people living on the streets, Bradley said.

“We need to be engaging with people who are part of this changing city. We believe strongly in equality and giving as many children as possible the opportunity to sing at the highest level.”

The appeal of church music was wide but sometimes “presented in a way that can be seen as elitist”, he said. […]

The new choir will continue to perform music from the Anglican choral tradition but will broaden its repertoire, he said.

Das hört sich interessant an. Ich bin sehr begierig darauf zu hören, wie sich das dann anhört, wenn refugees in christlichen Kathedralen singen. Man möge mir Bescheid geben, wenn die ihre erste CD herausgeben, ich kaufe mir dann eine.