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5.6.2020 16:30

Verschiedene Blickwinkel und Sprechweisen.



Sky News host Gary Hardgrave says it was “sickening to watch” the violence of the protests in the once united and now “Divided States of America”.

He said labelling Antifa a terrorist organisation would be “a step in the right direction”.

“There are people now who are trying to create hatred whereas years ago in the 1960s it was all about love”.

“America has gone the full course now,” he said.

Former speaker of the house Bronwyn Bishop said the Black Lives Matter protests in the United States started with “genuine people who had a genuine concern” triggered by the fatal arrest of the African-American man George Floyd.

She said it was groups like Antifa who have been “waiting for a riot to spark” so they could move in and “hype” the situation up until it erupts in “looting and violence”.

Hassfabrik Antifa.