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Peak überschritten, Begriff kaputt

14.2.2016 13:54

Beobachtungen aus dem US-Wahlkampf: Feminismus zieht nicht mehr (so gut wie früher).

PBS macht sich Gedanken darüber, warum der Wahlkampf von Hillary Clinton gerade schief geht.

Als ein Problem haben sie identifiziert, dass Clinton einen Feminismus-Wahlkampf macht, die meisten jüngeren Frauen – die „millennial women” – in den USA sich aber nicht mehr als Feministin bezeichnen wollen.

Bezeichnend ist dabei, dass Clinton versucht, ihren Wahlkampf durch feministischen Druck zu retten, und da auch Wählerbeschimpfung mit dazugehört:

“There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other,” warned Albright at a Clinton rally. On the “Real Time with Bill Maher” show, Steinem suggested younger women were backing Sanders just so they could meet young men. She quipped, “When you’re young, you’re thinking, ‘Where are the boys? The boys are with Bernie.’” (Steinem later apologized.)

Sanders draws strong support from millennials, because he represents to them someone who will solve the problems that most directly impact their lives — student loan debt, free college tuition, better job market. Ironically, they seem to be unaware that Clinton plans to tackle those very same issues, albeit in different ways. They’ve bought the message that a vote for Clinton is a vote for “the establishment.”

Es geht also nicht mehr (primär) um Inhalte und Politik, sondern um „women help each other”, so einen wir-gegen-die-Männer-Wahlkampf. Eine Art Klassenkampf, der die Spaltung der Gesellschaft in zwei Teile, und zwar in erster Linie nach Geschlecht voraussetzt. Da gehen aber viele nicht mehr mit.

Eben ein Auswuchs des Irrtums einer Minderheit, sich für eine Mehrheit zu halten.

Dabei machen sie sich sogar die Frauen zum Feind, die leistungsorientiert sind:

And could it be that some women shun Clinton because of competitiveness? This phenomenon, in which women simultaneously hold other women to higher standards, and then penalize them for reaching those standards, often plagues highly successful women. We see this kind of thing all the time in academia, where female professors routinely get lower teaching ratings than their male colleagues, particularly from female students.

Das muss man sich mal klarmachen (obwohl es offensichtlich ist, aber manchmal ist das offensichtliche das, was man am wenigsten erfasst): …women simultaneously hold other women to higher standards, and then penalize them for reaching those standards…

Nicht Leistung, sondern der Zustand des Überfordertseins als zentrales feministisches Element, das zur Abkehr jener Frauen führt, die nicht überfordert sind.

The term “feminism” has been hijacked by a minority of vocal extremists who have redefined it as “gender feminism,” claiming that gender is a patriarchal social construct created in order to oppress women.

Gender feminism is based on the discredited belief that humans are born as blank slates and all sex differences are artifacts of socialization. They believe the only way to achieve true political and economic equality is to erase all differences between men and women by rigidly socializing boys and girls to be the same.

Gender feminism is very much alive and well in American colleges and universities, housed within many Women and Gender studies programs. And it is there that some young women decide to distance themselves from the term. Barnard College student Toni Airaksinen recently blogged about her experiences in such a program:

In one year, I took three Women’s Studies classes. My professors taught me that, because I was a woman, I was victimized and oppressed. Prior to enrolling, I did not see myself that way…Mentioning anything that didn’t support the notion that females were unilaterally oppressed would be akin to blasphemy.

As gender feminists try to inculcate a psychology of victimhood in their students, the progress second-wave equity feminists accomplished is slowly eroding. Planned Parenthood is under attack and was nearly defunded, putting the lives of millions of poor women and their children at risk. Abortion clinics are bombed, and abortions rights are so greatly curtailed that doctors must perform invasive and unnecessary ultrasounds. And women continue to earn less than men in the broader workplace.

Mit anderen Worten: Den schlaueren unter den Frauen wird’s zu blöd.