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Will Silicon Valley think twice about its philosophy of diversity over talent?

8.2.2016 22:40

Noch ein lesenswerter Artikel über Yahoo!-Chefin Marissa Mayer:

Breitbart schreibt über den Zustand von Yahoo unter Marissa Mayer.

Then there’s Mayer’s compensation scheme. Executive pay at Yahoo! is essentially based on Alibaba’s stock price, a compensation scheme so wrongheaded we at least know Yahoo! developed it in-house. Executive pay is most effective when the short and long-term incentive schemes result in “pay for performance.”

But, of Mayer’s $365 million pay over five years, only 3.3 per cent will actually be affected by her performance. So really, why should she care how well Yahoo! does? […]

According to Mayer, all is not lost. She’s proud of how she’s allocated Yahoo!’s capital. The problem is nobody else is pleased with her profligacy. It’s estimated that she’s misspent $10 billion (yes, billion) of Yahoo!’s capital. Mergers and acquisitions valued at zero, fruitless planting of seed money in R&D, and bad stock purchases all have the hallmarks of a shop-til-you-drop run on the company coffers.

10 Milliarden blöd vergeigt, und dafür leistungsunabhängig 365 Millionen Dollar Gehalt kassiert.

As Marissa Mayer gleefully drives Yahoo! off a cliff in a brand-new Rolls-Royce, will Silicon Valley think twice about its philosophy of diversity over talent?